History of our company

We started making hot sauce since we were cubs.

Black Bear Hot Sauce is locally grown and prepared. We are located in Arlington Heights, IL. We have been growing our own variety of peppers for seasons now with our own blend of deliciously home-grown ingredients. We now introduce our line of Black Bear Hot Sauces, a delicious spin on a variety of peppers from around the world, grown right here in our back yard, for you and your family to also enjoy as much as we have.

Please enjoy our selection of hot sauces and send us a message to give feedback, we love hearing from our customers.


A promise from all of us to you

We use only the best ingredients in our hot sauces. Our sauces are made with love, and make everything taste better. Put it on your favorite dish, bring out more flavor to your favorite tacos, or spice up a chip or cracker. Our spices will maul your mouth with flavor.

USDA Certified Organic

Eco-friendly & Non-Toxic

Paraben & Fragrance Free

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